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  • It’s the Annual Singing Matinee: January 20, 2017

    “If I were a bell, I’d toll out the hours until January 20, 2017 … Everybody loves somebody sometime, so why not between 1 and 3 on this date?” ACT II STUDIO presents its 6th annual Singing Matinée … a not to be missed entertainment event of the season. See all the details at ‘read more’ plus more from the creative & humorous “An Invitation to Song in Song Titles”.

  • Auditions
  • Film Opportunities!

    Senior Ryerson film students are seeking actors for film projects. “Angus” is an independent man who lives in a hand-built log cabin. Aged 70-87, “Catherine” is a warm and optimistic person. “Elderly woman” is non-speaking but is the face of assisted suicide in the film. More details in the full post.

  • Performances
  • No Longer Relevant?

    NO LONGER RELEVANT? is an act2studioWORKS Moving Scene production that reveals how insidious ageism is and how it leads to all sorts of ills – fear of aging, withdrawal, systemic prejudice, neglect, depression, self-limitation, and ultimately to elder abuse.

  • General
  • Estelle Craig Featured in Campaign Ryerson

    Meeting Estelle Craig is like visiting another country. At 100 years old, Estelle has more life experience than most of us can imagine. But when she shares her passion for writing, travel and the theatre, it is clear that some things – like curiosity and the need for artistic expression – never change.