• Performances
  • Announcing Gelato Fest at the Red Sandcastle, April 21, 22!

    Come out to the Red Sandcastle and the Gelato Fest featuring five new plays in five flavours at each performance. For those seeking deep chocolate drama: Will Jan (OUT AND ABOUT) find the support she needs? Can Bev (A PROMISE TO MARY) agree to surgery? For those desiring the tangy lemon of life and the supernatural: Will the spirits of JFK and Richard III (POSTERITY) be forever bickering? Why is life not simple (KILLING TIME)? Who really was Peaches (OUR FRIEND PEACHES)?

    Here is the link to go directly to our online ticket sales site.

  • General
  • Estelle Craig Featured in Campaign Ryerson

    Meeting Estelle Craig is like visiting another country. At 100 years old, Estelle has more life experience than most of us can imagine. But when she shares her passion for writing, travel and the theatre, it is clear that some things – like curiosity and the need for artistic expression – never change.