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  • I’M STILL HERE at Kipling Acres Residents in Rexdale

    I’M STILL HERE was recently presented at Kipling Acres Residents in Rexdale, where it inspired appreciative and heart felt feedback from family members of the residents.

    This play was outstanding! The actors did an amazing job of getting the message to us as the family caregivers
    Thank you so much for such a real, personal and well researched and informed play
    Thank you! Great play

    For more feedback and details to book the event, please go to the website http://imstillhere.act2studio.ca/

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  • Estelle Craig Featured in Campaign Ryerson

    Meeting Estelle Craig is like visiting another country. At 100 years old, Estelle has more life experience than most of us can imagine. But when she shares her passion for writing, travel and the theatre, it is clear that some things – like curiosity and the need for artistic expression – never change.