We love random … and of course deliberate … acts of generosity.

Please SUPPORT The Estelle Craig ACT II STUDIO

Immediate cash donations (one time or recurring) and legacy funding are 2 ways to help The Estelle Craig ACT II STUDIO through financial giving. These options are described as follows.


Any donation you care to make to The Estelle Craig ACT II STUDIO helps us to sustain our industry-leading creative drama programs for adults 50+. It also supports act2studioWORKS, Inc., the production, touring and fundraising arm of the STUDIO.

All donations of $20 or more will be tax-receipted by Ryerson University.

There are 3 convenient ways to make a donation:

N.B.:  For TRIBUTE DONATIONS, please use option 2 until further notice.   (posted 2018 Feb 6)

Option 1. Donate Online by Credit Card …

 Please review the following Notes for option 1, then make an online donation on Ryerson University’s secure donation website for ‘The Ryerson Fund’.

Notes for option 1:  To direct your donation to ACT II STUDIO when you are at the Ryerson University donation website:

  1. click on the drop down list for “Select a designation for your gift”
  2. scroll to the bottom of the list and click on “ACT II STUDIO”.
  3. follow the website template to complete donor information and payment information.

Option 2. Submit a Mail-In or Drop-Off Donation by Cheque …

TRIBUTE DONATIONS should use this option.

Print and complete the donation form and mail or drop off at the office, as per the instructions. (This form may also be used for a TRIBUTE DONATION.)

Option 3. Submit a Convenient Monthly Recurring Donation by Credit Card …

Print and complete the monthly donation form and drop off at the office, as per the instructions. For more information or assistance, call 416-979-5000 Ext 6297 or email


Of course each of you helps us when you register for courses, when you send us your membership contributions, when you participate in our productions, when you come out to matinées, etc. But some people have asked about making a more lasting gift. You may choose to make a bequest by specifying in your will that you want to make a donation to Ryerson, in support of ACT II STUDIO. The gift may be made in one of several ways:

– Making a straight donation to our Donations Account, where the funds will be made available immediately during the then-current operating year.

– Specifying that a donation be made to the Stage Production Fund for ACT II STUDIO.

This fund was set up several years ago and income from it is used yearly to help offset the costs of our productions. Typically, we’ve been using the income to pay for the assistance we get from the Ryerson Theatre School for our February shows.

– Setting up a “named expendable fund” with a minimum of $5,000. This kind of fund is used to make an annual award of at least $1,000 for at least 5 years.

– Setting up a new endowment fund for a specific purpose. For example, you could create a fund that provides funds for ACT II STUDIO students who need financial assistance to take classes. Any new endowment fund must have a minimum of $25,000 in it within 5 years of its establishment. Only the income from the fund is used for the purpose you define (this is what the Stage Production Fund does), and any unused income in any one year goes back into the capital amount of the fund.

For funds which involve an award, application would be made to the WORKS Board, which would then make a recommendation to Sandra Kerr. Sandra and the Dean of the Chang School would then formally make the award.

Janet Nankivell is Ryerson’s Director of Planned Giving. She’s happy to speak with anyone interested in making a gift to Ryerson so don’t hesitate to call her at 416 979-5000, extension 2152.