GELATO FEST 2 October 13 and October 14 2017


And the show went on – after the hugely successful Gelato Fest, ACT II STUDIO presented the sequel.  The five original plays were written, directed and performed by members of act 2 studioWORKS and showcased the depth of talent and high quality of work produced by our organization.

Action took place at St. Peter & St. Simon the Apostle Church, 525 Bloor Street East, presenting:


The year is 2002 in Toronto. A middle-aged daughter tries to take charge of her mother while helping her to downsize. The tables are turned when secrets come to light in the form of old letters from a mysterious trunk.

FAMILY PASS – Donald Baker

Charlie reflects on a turning point in his adolescent life. An Easter break – broken.

ROOM KARMA – Paul Bilodeau

A mysterious stranger appears in a Venetian hotel room, creating a

conundrum for a Canadian couple and their travelling companions.


Howard and Annette have a steady, low-key, predictable life in small town Ontario. Annette however, longs for more romance and adventure — then Howard’s wacky cousin Celia bursts into their life.

NIGHT SHIFT – Pat Cochrane

A student nurse, working nights in a home for persons living with dementia, is alarmed by something she witnesses while doing her

rounds. Is she overreacting? Maybe yes, maybe no; it is for you to decide.