Who We Are

“People are drawn to The Estelle Craig ACT II STUDIO by their curiosity, love of theatre, and desire for new challenges. They find a place where creativity can blossom and where their life experience has a special relevance, expressed through theatre, in the wider community. We have courses and activities for everyone from the timid beginner to those wishing to upgrade their skills. You’ll train with top theatre professionals in a nurturing atmosphere and have opportunities to get involved in all sorts of dramatic projects. Come and discover what ACT II STUDIO can offer you. To find out more, visit us on Information Day or www.ryerson.ca/ce/act2 in addition to this site.”

-Vrenia Ivonoffski, Artistic Director

The Estelle Craig ACT II STUDIO is:

  • a theatre program with an extensive curriculum designed to build skills in the dramatic arts at all levels, from beginners to those with prior experience
  • a creative drama centre dedicated to inspiring individual creativity and to giving the older adult voice a chance to be heard through work that is artistically unique and of value to the wider community
  • a warm, nurturing community of individuals aged 50 plus who come from all walks of life to learn, create, perform, and participate in theatre and related activities
  • a volunteer organization coordinated by a student council, a number of standing committees, and volunteers
  • an accredited member of the Toronto Association of Acting Studios (T.A.A.S.)

The Estelle Craig ACT II STUDIO developed out of an acting workshop offered by Ryerson University and is part of the Programs for 50+ in The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education (www.ryerson.ca/ce/programs50plus). It has since grown to become a prominent leader in the area of older adult theatre education and creativity.

Our Mission Statement

To provide training and performance opportunities for adults 50 plus to nurture their creativity and develop their skills in the dramatic arts, and to serve the community by developing and presenting theatrical projects which increase awareness and challenge stereotypes about aging, health, and other social issues.


act2studioWORKS  is a nonprofit organization providing financial and production support for The Estelle Craig ACT II STUDIO program, for the ongoing growth and development of its students. It raises funds by giving members opportunities to create and perform plays outside of the university community, allowing them to gain experience, further develop their skills and knowledge, and increase their profile.

act2studioWORKS members do not need to be enrolled in ACT II STUDIO courses in order to join the organization.

Become a Supporter of ACT II STUDIO

act2studioWORKS members become part of our ACT II STUDIO community, and receive the following benefits:

  • opportunities to put developing skills on stage
  • a chance to participate in member-only events
  • opportunities to take part in the program planning, growth, and development of ACT II STUDIO
  • the possibility of having original plays workshopped and/or performed
  • regular communication through our quarterly newsletter and emails
  • information about upcoming theatre events, special offers, and Toronto audition opportunities
  • the satisfaction of supporting creative theatre work that is making a difference in the wider community

For enquiries or more information, please email info@act2studio.ca